George's Grassroots Mission

And so here am I, George Martorano after doing over three decades caged. What I now see in America today especially the inter-cities is an enormous amount of all types of violence from guns. You see, in prison violence is also daily. Where as the extreme prison violence is forgotten in a matter of hours. It is my belief that American society has come to such. Where extreme violence happens and is forgotten in a matter of days and we just wait for what happens next; praying that it does not happen to our love ones or self. Thus, my personal grassroots movement is to try and make some difference by working with all types of concerned authorities and good people within the cannabis industry.

What I am trying to relay, relay hopefully is to get started across this land the exchange for cannabis for guns. Where any individual whether using the gun for illegal violence or a legal gun for suicide. The weapon can be exchanged at places that law enforcement or any type of American government provide the proper exchange locations. My grassroots idea is that an individual, whether he or she receives a voucher for an exchange for the gun and the voucher will allow for a small amount of cannabis (most if not all of our states one can posses a small amount of cannabis legally). Of course the voucher would be presented in all proper recourse. Where said voucher-holder can go to any medical or recreational cannabis facility and receive the small amount. Also we would need the authorities to have a waiver in place so that a pre-teen, teen, or young adult under 21 can give in the weapon. But the voucher, again, will have the right age limit for the exchange.

Also, when a [cannabisforguns] exchange is legally done. Good staff present will be handing out,'life-style-change pamphlets.Hard-copy, direct material explaining ways for individuals to start better lives. Lives away from gun-crime;lives away from taking one's own life through suicide with a weapon. By doing this proper educating we hope to try and grow in better ways and acts. Ways and acts by working along with growing numbers with those coming to do an exchange. For getting to know someone can help that someone to believe then commit to a life-style-change. For no one knows better than I. For I changed many prisoners lives for the better in over three decades in federal prison. Changing the lives of sentenced men  by understanding them; befriending them in gray, hardcore, prison settings as a teacher, mentor.

It is my hope that concerned people will join me in many ways to make this happen. For as a country we must change with the times or the times may harshly change us.

By George Martorano

2010 - present
2010 - present

About George

George Martorano is a self-taught prolific writer, poet, educator, and mentor. While in prison, George became a role model and a positive influence in the Federal Bureau of Prisons to impact the lives of the inmates living alongside him. He worked with what he had and what he knew and explains how he gained the strength to push forward even in the hardest times of his life.

Released in October 2015 under the Department of Justice’s Compassionate Release program, George is the longest incarcerated non-violent offender. While in prison, he taught inmates yoga, prevented the hijacking of an aircraft by inmates, started a creative writing course, authored 31 books, pioneered a prison course called Release Preparation: Starting a Business for Under $1,000, among others. He has been featured in Philly Mag and Salem News and is now sought out to be featured by the United Nations. He resides in Philadelphia and continues to write and inspire others.

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